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Lash extensions is the art of attaching silky, synthetic lashes to your natural lash. Lashes of different length, weight, colors and types are there to create the look you desire!

This service is for those who:

  • flat lashes

  • very little amount of lashes

  • just want longer lashes

This service is NOT for those with:

  • glaucoma

  • eye allergies

  • current eye infection, and/or blepharitis

  • very short and weak eyelashes

  • excessive tearing or watery eyes

  • dry eye conditions

  • skin conditions around eye area

  • takes medications where hair loss is a side effect

  • lupus

  • lasik surgery within 8 weeks of service


Lashes of different length, weight, color and types are attached to your natural lashes. A pad will be put under your eye to keep your skin from touching the adhesive used in extensions. Your bottom lashes will also be hidden away in the process to ensure your top and bottom lashes don't get glued together. Your lashes will be primed of any oils or residue from makeup. Now the extension procedure will start. CLASSIC extensions is where a single lash is attached to a single natural lash. This creates a look with longer lashes. VOLUME extensions is where a fan of multiple lashes are attached to a single lash. This creates a look of glamorous butterfly lashes. HYBRID extensions is where a mix single lashes and fan lashes are attached in a mix to a single natural lash to give your lashes a look of length and more fullness. Your lashes will be fanned and misted throughout the procedure to cure the glue and maximize extension retention. Once completed, your lashes and extensions may be sealed and given a brush through.


Natural lashes shed on a regular basis, although most people are unaware of when and how much is shed. Natural lashes are also growing out more than we can actually see. Being attached to natural lashes, extensions will also shed when the lash it is attached on sheds. When a baby eyelash grows out, you will also realize it doesn't have an extension since one wasn't applied before. Therefore a refill is recommended every 2-3 WEEKS to keep your lashes looking perfect.


Everything used in the procedure for lash extensions does not provide a threat. However, every individual has their own allergens and irritants. Even so, to each individual their own level of sensitivity. With this in mind, we cannot say it is safe or unsafe for a client to get extensions until actually trying them. 


After getting your lash extensions, it is advised not to wet your lashes for the following 24 hours

Few DO NOT's to keep:

  • do not PERM or TINT your lashes with extensions still on them

  • do not use a lash curler on your extensions

  • do not rub your eyes

  • do not tug, pick, or pull at your extensions (you will risk pulling out your natural lash)

  • do not sleep on your face

  • do not get extensions close to heat or an open flame (heating iron, oven, etc)

  • carefully erase eye makeup without harshly rubbing extensions

  • do not use any oil based products near lashes

  • do not apply mascara

  • do not apply lotions, creams, or serums on extensions

We will not be responsible for the outcome of your lashes once you leave the studio, considering these instructions are something we cannot control after your procedure.




Lash lifting is essentially a new generation of lash perming. Lash lifts provide a low-maintenance lash curling service that can last up to 8 weeks. In just one 45-60 minute procedure, you can lift and curl your natural lashes to provide lasting enhancement and definition without the upkeep of lash extensions.

This service is for those who:

  • prefer the natural look

  • wants the naturally curled look

  • cannot upkeep the maintenance or costs of lash extensions

This service is NOT for those:

  • those who tear up easily

  • very short and weak eyelashes

  • sensitivities around the eyes


Lash lifting usually consists of roller rods and a series of solutions to permanently curl natural eyelashes. First step is to perm the lashes, forcing the lash to surrender its natural shape and take on the shape of a silicone shield with a degree of curl. Next, lashes are set to strengthens the bonds of the lash, again with the same degree of curl, In the final step, lashes are nourished with a solution that conditions and hydrates for a silky finish. 


Lash lifting used to be with liquid which was not easily controlled, and potentially very dangerous to the eye. However, we use cream solutions which are proven to be safe with the right training and certification on how to use them. These cream solutions are safe because they are easily controlled, and fast-acting. As the solutions weaken and then strengthen to give your lashes the perfect curl, we also use a nourishing cream to help restore your lashes. This ensures that your natural lashes are given the care they need, so you can keep lifting for the look you desire and deserve!


After your lifting procedure, it is advised not to wet your lashes for the following 24 hours. It is also very crucial that you DO NOT sleep on them, or have them in a position other than its' natural state for a prolonged period of time.

We will not be responsible for the outcome of your lashes once you leave the studio, considering they are outside our control and care.